Editorial: Bodega x HOKA - Lookbook

Editorial: Bodega x HOKA - Lookbook


Experiencing the great outdoors usually refers to getting outside city limits and immersing yourself in nature. But what about the other side of the coin - exploring a downtown area, sightseeing, or simply commuting to work with all its planned, and unplanned obstacles? Aren’t these adventures equally valid? After all, just as the ‘great outdoors’ has a flow and rhythm, so does the city.

So between trees and skyscrapers, trails and streets, the smell of fresh air and fresh coffee, tweeting birds and blaring horns, through any weather conditions you can dream up, your footwear should be just as versatile as the definition of 'a hike'.

The Bodega x HOKA collaboration is the proof of concept for this idea, blending the expectations of these environments into truly adaptable footwear ready for whatever is thrown your way.


Featuring rugged materials, a balance of earth tones and vibrant bursts, and a silhouette celebrated for its appearance as much as its support system, the Kaha Low GTX can effortlessly rise to any occasion. Whether you’re in a pastoral field decked out in technical gear, at the art show wearing your favorite under the radar labels, or anywhere in between, the Kaha Low seamlessly ties it all together.


The Ora Recovery Slide mirrors this adaptability with the ease you’d expect from a slide but support, comfort, and attention to color not found anywhere else, giving it clearance at the camp ground, local flea, and on every other leg of your weekend warrior itinerary.


So regardless of whether your next adventure is on or off the beaten path, change is constant, and the Bodega x HOKA collab will make sure you don't skip a beat.

Talent: Ariel Toole @ariel_toole and Kyle Chen @kylebisc
Photographer & Producer: Angella Choe @angellachoe
Photo Assistant: Calvin Ma @cma_era
& Bodega

Release Info:
Friday, March 25, 2022
Available online at 12pm EST on a first come, first served basis.