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As founder and designer of ALL CAPS STUDIO, Saeed Ferguson has recently seen his nascent brand thrust into the forefront of modern fashion. Both inspired and inspirational, Ferguson’s inclusivity and positive output provides a welcomed jolt of optimism into the hard nosed attitude traditionally associated with streetwear. A black-owned business, ALL CAPS STUDIO was quick to act during the Black Lives Matter movement, providing proactive product in collaboration with 18 East to support the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund and Covid Bail Out NYC, and ultimately providing other brands with a successful model of timely, socially conscious output. Bodega caught up with Ferguson to talk about his Philly roots, the creation of a brand, and what it means to be a Black designer helping change the face of streetwear in modern times.


Listen to an exclusive playlist put together by Saeed, below. For a deeper look, check out our In Conversation w/ Saeed Ferguson editorial.