Black Lives Matter: Education & Amplification

We stand in continued solidarity with the protests against the institutional racism which has afflicted the Black Community for hundreds of years. As the streets are filled with our community demanding justice and equity, and as our anguish and pain continues over the oppression of the Black members of our community, Bodega says enough is enough and a change must come.  
We are looking inward at how we can continue to build with the community that nourishes, inspires, and supports us. We look to educate ourselves, and create productive and compassionate dialogues within our own company and family. As a business, we will do more in the fight for justice and how we can support our collective of amazing staff in those efforts.

As we grew with our city of Boston, and now Los Angeles, our staff and our community has helped shape what Bodega has become as a retailer and brand, but more importantly now so, our values. We are more than a store - we are responsible in the fight for our people, our community, our Black and Brown people.
We are currently building immediate fundraising actions to support the Black Lives Matters movement and will announce them them through our channels. Our goal is to support sustained efforts for meaningful change.
Our team has compiled some resources and continue to update on our website. We ask of you to join in the efforts for justice and allyship.

- co-founders of Bodega


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