A Closer Look: Bodega Autumn/Winter '22 Delivery #01

A Closer Look: Bodega Autumn/Winter '22 Delivery #01


Remember those things that are like shorts but longer? Or the t-shirts that are super thick, have a hole in the stomach, and that weird bag on the back that you can put over your head? Known as “pants” and “sweatshirts”, these are only a few of the garments re-entering the collective vocabulary that the sun burn on your brain might have erased during the summer. But just as fast as you can say “tofurkey” they are back in full force and eager to be woven back into the mix.
In an ode to layering up, Bodega’s Autumn/Winter ‘22 Collection is highlighting the simple pleasures of wrapping up in pieces you can build a season long contingency plan around. And boiling down the key ingredients to make that jump from warm breeze to orange leaves is our first delivery which provides staples to get your bearings for this new pumpkin patched reality. Influenced by gear we grew up on – and maybe didn’t appreciate enough – it’s time to re-imagining these classics, with the tweaks and palette we always envisioned.

Leading the charge is the Brushed Flannel featuring two patch pockets as well as a left sleeve stasher. Decked out with branded horn buttons, printed twill neck tape, and “Bodega” embroidered vertically down the button placket, we are proudly outside the bounds of conventional flannel territory. But it’s the contrasted front and back panel construction that pulls together two plaid patterns into one design that send it to parts unknown, Bourdain style.

Locking down the delivery is a pair of 2.0 Cargo Pants in desert camo which may take you back to the days of shopping in army surplus stores but with some key renovations. For instance all the pockets you could ever need, to store all the convenient store’s snacks, Arizona’s, and boosted glizzys. The double knee detail comes in handy when you immediately get called out for shoplifting and need the extra layer of confidence to get away, while the antique brass buttons and snaps make sure you don't leave a trail of goodies. Felonies aside, the generous cut means it can stand up to all the layering you’re gonna do this A/W without getting overshadowed.

The next layer up in this autumnal jig saw puzzle is the Fix Hoodie, a thick cotton sweatshirt featuring embroidered front and printed back graphics which pop off the green backdrop. Conjuring memories of DIY classified ads, flyers, and posters you might see around the city in the old days, if there was any doubt before, this sweat lets you know we are in fact, the plug no matter what your fix.

With a long sleeve t-shirt as the skeleton of any layered look once the mercury in your thermostat drops below 65, or you drop the damn thing and have to leave your apartment while the EPA works it’s magic, you know this del wouldn’t be complete without one. Wrapped up in several distinct fonts, the long sleeve shirt features a target that has its sights on a specific building somewhere in the heart of Boston. Although looking pretty unassuming from the outside, it hard not to get the feeling that something is being hidden in plain sight.

Flanked by an array of tees with layers of design to discover, referencing the likes of our growing auto-body side hustle and transaction-less self-checkout system, whether in those early weeks of fall or on the verge of winter, do not sleep on the graphic tee as a base layer, even when you don’t think its gonna get any air time. You never know what’s in store for the day ahead and don’t want to be caught in a bl*nk tee would you? And even if the time never comes, like Clark Kent on a slow crime day, sometimes it's just for you.

By way of accessories, the knit Logo Socks will keep your feet as cozy as the upper 95% of your body while adding a subtle accent to complete any look. Plus when the pant hem raises up and they see a Bodega logo, it’s over. Also, to answer all the DM’s, yes they make fire sock puppets, only problem is they get a bit of an attitude so proceed with caution.

And with two water holding apparatuses - one for hydration and one for recreation, the goal was to end Delivery #01 on a high note. And whether that be your hydration levels, state of mind, or both, it's your call. The first item is our collaborative Free Flow bottle with Coleman which brings water bottles into the future with its knack for keeping liquids hot or cold for a long ass time and a button activated auto seal lid to keep the spillage and grime to a minimum.

The second is our water pipe from Australia’s bong boss, Gatorbeug. And although it probably won’t help you get you as high as huffing the vintage Krylon spray paint that the bong is inspired by, you’ll have slightly more brain cells left over, allowing you to remember the experience well. Because A/W shouldn’t be glossed over and rush through but enjoyed, enhanced, and cherished at any chance you get.

Release Info:
Saturday, October 15, 2022
Available online at 12pm EST and in-store at both our Boston and Los Angeles locations on a first come, first served basis.