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NYC Tradeshow Recap - [Jan 20-21]

After a brisk, cold walk through Manhattan we arrived at the Javits Center Monday morning. We checked in and got right to the show room. The vibe was pretty cool here, as we entered the smell of fresh brewed coffee, leather and synthetics wafted through the air as the new J. Cole album bumped in the background, nice!

During our walk through we quickly noticed that sales pitches, collab meetings and networking was the norm here. Brands old and new came to showcase their latest offerings with the hopes of taking on new business.

Our first stop was Champion. Having notable past collaborations with the likes of BAPE, Supreme and Todd Snyder it’s interesting to see how this brand has evolved over the years. Keeping in line with their clean silhouettes and classic cuts Champion makes it obvious that quality is king. Keep an eye out for them next season, the reverse weave is making a major come back.

Moving forward we caught up with some of our favorites - Herschel, Komono, Leica, Native Shoes, and Procell’s Vintage, all of which had a lot to bring to the table and were quite impressive. (P.S. peep those Polka Dot Roshe's below on the left... flames)

(Those Gucci overalls though...)

After a PBR recharge we kept it moving and headed to the Lower East Side for Liberty & Capsule. These shows were a little different in the sense that they're curated with higher-end menswear and accessory brands - many of which we found to resonate well with Bodega’s aesthetic.

After a few hours of walking around we compiled some of our top pics - Akio, All Around Shirt, Clae, Danner, Filson, Golden Bear, Han Kjobenhavn, New England Outerwear Company, Made in Mayhem, Norse Projects, Rains and Weekend Offender.  Check the imagery below for a more detailed look - each image shown coincides to the order written above. 

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Words & Imagery: Tommy Boudreau