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Kumanokoido Teddy Bears

Kumanokoido and Bodega have teamed up to create hand crafted teddy bears using hand selected fabrics from unique vintage pieces (in this collection, Bodega, Adidas, and Nike).

A journey to Mali & Burkina Faso in West Africa in 2011 inspired Kumanokoido founder Junichi Nakane to start  this unique project which keeps him connected to West Africa.  Proceeds from Kumanokoido will build additional water wells in West Africa to improve villagers' daily life.

"Kuma no ko"  means bear cubs and "ido"translates to well in Nakane's native Japanese.  The combination of those two words symbolizes his wish that these little bears will make friends that will link people from West Africa to the rest of the world.  

Follow this global projects via
Instagram: @kumanokoido (#kumanokoido)

Photography by Tommy Boudreau