Spring Delivery No. 1 Lookbook

Experts agree, it’s important for our urban youth to get away from the towers and lights once in a while.  What better way could there be for young people to fill their lungs with fresh air than a trip to the scenic void of existence. 

It’s important to start the day with a proper breakfast.  When the abyss gazes into you, you’ll need your strength. That means all the food groups, kids.  

But first things first, feel that open road.  It must be hard to contemplate the point of it all with all that noise and bustle in the city, but on those backcountry trips, there isn’t a distraction to be found for miles. That’s not to say rustic living isn’t without its own charms.  Look at the size of that bale of hay. You won’t find that downtown. 

Finally, you’ll arrive at your destination, a series of picturesque, wooded hiking trails.  When it’s just you and the trees, you’ll practically feel all the connections to civilization receding, and your cares along with them. But remember, it’s only a day trip. 

Before you head back, make sure to take a walk down to the water’s edge. Wouldn’t it be swell to just keep on walking? Maybe next time.

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 Cav Empt Maj Damg Work Jacket / Nanamica Wind Button Down Pullover / Stray Rats Logo Sock / Pro Keds Royal Low / Nanamica Wind Button Down Pullover Beige / New Balance CM600CNV / Carhartt Michigan Chore Coat

Photography: Mikey Janey

Styling: Ricky Orng

Talent: Benjamin Heitmann & Thomas Ghulam