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x Fear of God SKID GRIP HI

x Fear of God SKID GRIP HI

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  • As the year of the first public radio broadcast (Live from the New York Metropolitan Opera House) and the first commercial passenger flight (9 hours by zeppelin from Friedrichshafen to Dusseldorf) 1910 has a lot of relevance in modern life for a 110 year difference. But surely, you would think, that a modern day sneaker collaboration from a cutting edge streetwear label would be a step to far to connect to 1910. But, that’s where you would be wrong, because 1910 is when Converse first introduced the the Circular Vamp Oxford (CVO.)

    Fast forward to the 1960s, when Converse renamed the shoe the Skidgrip, after its most functional feature, the no-slip sole. Then, fast forward to the 1980s when the Skidgrip is a fixture in action sports (surf, skate, BMX) subculture, and an instant favorite of future Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo. Going by the model name Con-Rad, the circa 1987 pair that captivated Lorenzo from a shopping mall store display was classic bold, ‘80s style: hi-top silhouette and up to 11 loud, colorful patterns.

    The Converse x Fear of God Skidgrip cultivates that sense of nostalgia, with painstakingly recreated tooling, and ‘80s ready color explosion, while adding subtle touches of modernization, like a slightly streamlined shape and contemporary height. This expert blend of retro and modern allows Lorenzo to translate his personal memories of the Skidgrip into widespread reappreciation of the silhouette.

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