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x Brain Dead BEATNIK





In pure footwear terms, Reebok’s Beatnik sandal and Pump Court tennis shoe, both of which date back to the 1990s, are surely “old school.” In the cosmic sense, the passage of time from the mid-‘90s to 2020 is not even the blink of an eye. The cosmic sense is exactly where Brain Dead happens to reside. Subsequently, their latest collaborative release with Reebok imbues these two silhouettes with a hefty dose of esoterica, instantly making them one with several centuries worth of mystical exploration.

Set against the backdrop of paranormal researcher Solomon Wright’s quest to make interdimensional travel a reality, the Beatnik and Pump Court transform into the key and the battery, respectively. The Two Artifacts have been assembled from fragmented pieces scattered across the globe, reflected in the mixed material, multi-colored designs that, one assembled, unlock the hidden door that enables reality warping travel.

The Key: Vintage navy split suede vamp over ivy green midsole and slate gray rippled outsole. Bare brown and ivy green custom heel webbing straps at heel and forefoot respectively, each dressed in “Brain Dead” wordmark. Yellow filament strapping hardware adorning Reebok Vector and wordmark. Pellegrini cavallino boogie forefoot upper.

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