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Converse T-Shirts x Bandulu DOG TEE
Converse T-Shirts x Bandulu DOG TEE
Converse T-Shirts x Bandulu DOG TEE
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x Bandulu DOG TEE

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The word bandulu refers to shady, not entirely above-board dealings. In the fashion world, this refers to goods of an uncertain provenance. While the vicarious thrill of dipping a toe into the underworld, and the bargains on brand names are, typically, the most that these grey market products have to offer, Bandulu creator Pat Peltier has made blurring the distinctions between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ into an actual artform.

The simultaneous respect for and subversion of authenticity ingrained in Bandulu at a molecular level is what makes Bandulu so unique and refreshing in a world of ‘search/copy image/print,’ context-free source mining.

The latest Converse x Bandulu collaborative offering fuses basketball heritage with the ‘street luxury’ of Bandulu’s signature, embroidered paint splatter effects. The Chuck 70 leans into its classic form, with brown canvas serving as the backdrop for the multi-colored embroidery. Elsewhere, a different streetwear fixture, the workboot, is adapted for the basketball court, with a tan leather construction, embellished, which focuses the paint splatters around the ankle and toes. A hoodie and basketball shorts, both adopt the same multi-color embellished earth tone palette, while a graphic tee in asparagus serves as a neutral focal point that ties all the individual pieces together. 

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