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The globetrotting, bold, progressive design versatility of AMBUSH comes to the stalwart timelessness of Converse classics. While previous teaser images revealed a rubberized construction, they did not reveal the full scope of the ambitious, collaborative design, which makes high fashion out of a very particular kind of specialized, utilitarian footwear, the U.S. military’s Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots, more popularly known as Bunny Boots.

Designed for use in temperatures ranging from -20° to -60° Fahrenheit, Bunny Boots place up to an inch of wool and/or felt insulation between two vacuum-tight, waterproof rubber layers, creating insulating effect comparable to a thermos flask. The unique construction method results in an equally unique oversized, globular appearance.

While the AMBUSH takes on the Converse Pro Leather Hi and Chuck 70 silhouettes are not built to withstand extreme arctic conditions, the outsized form of the bunny boot does serve as the basis for an especially daring take on the familiar models. A rubberized exterior and exaggerated platform soles feature utilitarian text AMBUSH branding, and user instructions taken from the original bunny boot.

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