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Dutch Tulip Financial



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  • Yeah, yeah, this sounds like a bank that’s committed a whole bunch of financial crimes, like the baddest boys on Wall Street, but it’s actually the design side of DTF Post, a newsletter about the things we shouldn’t let slide in politics, environment, tech, race relations and finance. Whoever said you can’t wear your bleeding heart on your sleeve?

    Hedge funds, who resides at the apex of finance world, are often described as vultures that scavenge on less resourceful entities. Those practices have become so rampant that there is now a Wikipedia entry on Vulture Capitalists. Dutch Tulip Financial, for this time, as a fake bank, unabashedly embraced the hedge funds’ opportunistic behaviors and imagined a sporty team logo shirt featuring the graphic of a vulture.

    • 100% Cotton 6oz T-shirt
    • Printed in the USA


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