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Dr. Collectors Bottoms P43 KYOTO CORDUROY
Dr. Collectors Bottoms P43 KYOTO CORDUROY
Dr. Collectors Bottoms P43 KYOTO CORDUROY


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In the contextual vacuum of contemporary, internet driven fashion culture, words can be stripped of all their meaning in an instant, depending on who wields them. Anything and everything is up for grabs as an aesthetic.

Something like vintage Americana is more than a vague sensibility. There are certain expectations, based in decades of tradition that come with the real deal, genuine article. Los Angeles based Dr. Collectors know this better than most. Founded in 2010 by Olivier, Beatrice and Teddy Grasset, Dr. Collectors is the culmination of years’ worth of collecting, selling, designing and reconstructing vintage denim and Americana.

Light years beyond some faded washes or artfully placed tears, the traditional manufacturing techniques, fabrics, tools, all the way down to the indigo hand-dyeing of denim, utilized by Dr. Collectors embody the heart and soul of what makes vintage appealing. These are clothes that are meant to last.

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  • Dr. Collectors P43 Kyoto Corduroy Pants.
  • Oil Wash - Indigo.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Dyed in 100% Natural Indigo.
  • Made in Los Angeles.



Elastic Waist.  (Relaxed/Stretched):

26"/34" 26.8"/35" 27"/39" 27"/40" 28"/42"
Inseam*:  25" 25" 25.3" 26" 27"
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