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Awake NY T-Shirts ORCA TEE
Awake NY T-Shirts ORCA TEE
Awake NY T-Shirts ORCA TEE
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New York has undergone countless image changes over the years, the starting point of the American Dream, the last stop on the way to the apocalypse, the world capital of culture, but one thing has stayed constant no matter what the city's public persona happened to be at any given moment. New York is a place where people from all over the globe are drawn to, to "make it" in their chosen field of endeavor. This the source of the indefinable "energy" attributed to life in the city.

Awake NY draws on the constant evolution of the New York cultural landscape that the city's unique mix of peoples and perspectives. The assurance of familiar quality that comes with a red and white checkered table cloth at a pizza restaurant combines with an eternal openness to new ideas, as the modern streetwear sensibility that creator Angelo Baque honed as Supreme's brand director for ten years is imbibed with the timeless qualities of fashion touchstones like classic menswear and old-school sportswear.

100% cotton short sleeve t-shirt with graphic print on front.

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Graphic Print


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