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EYEVAN 7285 Bags & Accessories DARK GREEN / O/S MODEL 750 SUNGLASSES
EYEVAN 7285 Bags & Accessories DARK GREEN / O/S MODEL 750 SUNGLASSES
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In 1972, EYEVAN started with the concept of “Eyewear for dressing as a fashion item”, and in 1985, it finally made its sensational world debut. Known for its timeless design, one can look into hand-written drawings or archives of original EYEVAN and see the genuine craftsmanship, creativity and enthusiasm of the design team during those days. In 2013, around 40 years after its launch, a new design team reconstructed the brand, creating the new spin-off brand, EYEVAN 7285, based on original EYEVAN archives. Drawing inspiration from accessories such as vintage eyewear, telescopes, hand mirrors and old tools collected by the initial team, to artifacts such as building structures and products of nature, EYEVAN 7285 strives to fuse together eyewear and everyday life.

The newly designed Model 750 Sunglasses with polarized flat glass lenses from the 7th collection are those everyday shades you've been looking for. The impression of rim is wide at the front, but it is only 4mm thick from the side, to accomplish a dynamic design. Plastic material is then attached to the temple from the side so that the core with arabesque design is appreciated.
  • Front: Acetate
  • Temple: Acetate
  • Style Code: 750-100
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