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Bodega T-Shirts LOTTO T-SHIRT
Bodega T-Shirts LOTTO T-SHIRT
Bodega T-Shirts LOTTO T-SHIRT
Bodega T-Shirts LOTTO T-SHIRT


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Whether already feeling the scorching heat of peak summer or living under the threat of snow and freezing temps, the great thing about this time of the year is it feels like there is literally no in-between depending on where you live. Either you're boiling alive or need to be chipped from a block of ice. You’re really about to tap out and move into a temperature-controlled storage unit. But then all of a sudden, it hits. That perfect temperate climate. Delivery 2 is that feeling turned into a versatile drop - a wearable olive branch that provides clothes you can live in, no matter the frantic day-to-day temps.

From summer hoop and runs to the local post office to the rare -or not-so-rare trip to the bodega for a scratchy...or 6, now is the time to get out and be active. And no matter what form that takes, we support it and hopefully, our t-shirts can help encourage it. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • Screen-printed graphics
  • Ribbed collar
Size  Pit to Pit Length Sleeve
S 19in 27.5in 8.12in
M 21in 28.5in 8.38in
L 23in 29.5in 8.62in
XL 25in 30.5in 8.88in
XXL 27in 31.5in 9.12in


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