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  • One of the convenient things about English and German sharing linguistic roots is that some words make for especially simple translation. No prizes for guessing, for instance, the English equivalent of “spezial.” 

    Seasoned Adidas lovers already know that spezial isn’t just an adjective; the Spezial is a legendary, beautiful gum soled, suede handball court silhouette, a perennial favorite amongst three stripes enthusiasts. 

    Since the first ahead of the fashion curve football supporters made the sleek performance style of Adidas shoes an essential part of match day gear, the three stripes have enjoyed an especially exalted status in the UK, and as style conscious fans went from terraces to pubs, to clubs, Adidas went with them. By the time the burgeoning rave culture exploded into the mainstream, names like ZX and Indoor Super were as essential as Step On and the 12” dance mix of Blue Monday.

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