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Whim Golf Hoodies & Sweatshirts HALF ZIP BASE LAYER
Whim Golf Hoodies & Sweatshirts HALF ZIP BASE LAYER


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Chicago-based Whim Golf was founded in 2019 by childhood friends, Colin Heaberg and Will Gisel, who met at summer camp when they were kids. The brand’s mission is to create high-quality apparel through the lens of golf with products Made in the USA. Here you’ll find, classic understated pieces, with contemporary cuts and designs, eschewing the prototypical dorky Suburban dad look so often seen on the green. 

Why no pockets on the front they ask?

So you look clean, tough, and mysterious. 

What makes this grid and those shirts waffle?

Who's to say.

  • High Neck
  • Blue Polartec Grid Fleece
  • Full Zipper
  • Back zip pocket
  • Mesh lined
  • Black nylon tape trim


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