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Joya Studio



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  • How does one accurately pay homage to American explorers, entrepreneurs, artists, and philosophers? The answer is simple, you convert a 19th Century Brooklyn rigging garage into the home of one of America's most coveted fragrance and design houses, Joya Studio.

    Founded by Frederick Bouchardy, Joya Studio, produces evocative in-house fragrances — candles, perfumes, soaps, oils — and is the nose behind fragrances made for clients like Malin + Goetz, Marriott Hotels, A24, which is telling, because the experience of smelling a Joya Studio fragrance can tell a story all on its own. 

    The Foxglove is a pinkish-purple, odorless flower shaped like the fingers of a glove. Tall with erect spikes, the seeds, stems, petals and leaves of the plant are poisonous. Yet, it’s also the source of digitalis, used in medicine to increase the blood flow through the body.

    Poison or cure?

    Joya’s Foxglove plays with this duality. A soft green explosion, Foxglove is both tender and fierce, its salt meadow grass, cedar and oak supported by honeyed florals and a juicy burst of bittersweet blood orange.

    • Top Notes: blood orange, salt meadow grass and hyacinth leaves…
    • Heart: honeyed jasmine, camellia and jonquille…
    • Drydown: treaty oak, white cedar and wild musk…
    • Net Weight: 10 ml / 0.34 fl. oz. 


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