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Porter Yoshida



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  • Porter-Yoshida & Co. bags and accessories are known for their mix of practical functionality, quality construction, and style. Money, cards, identification, keys, and electronics are all essentials. Porter ensures that the bags and cases you use are essentials as well. It only makes sense to transport one essential with another.

    It is a series of small leather pieces that have a distinctive expression of light and shade by giving a glass processing that carefully coats layers of a thin pigment on a thick shoulder leather and lightly scraping the surface with a file. Textured texture with a full-bodied Kosi uses Nume leather that has been carefully scrutinized in a tuscany region in Italy and Tuscany, which has long maintained protection methods using only vegetable tannins .

    The shoulder leather has a characteristic unevenness along the spine called tiger, and when it is scraped with a file after being processed with glass, the difference in how it rubs out due to the unevenness makes the finish uneven, and each sheet has an expression The difference is the attraction. Also, the more you use it, the texture becomes softer and softer.

    There is a sense of luxury, using a gold-plated Xera fastener that features a smooth opening and closing and gloss, and has designed points of the series by using a large number zipper to dare small items such as coin cases. In order to enjoy the contrast of black and nume leather of the glass processing of the surface, the exterior is finished with the top coat after carefully polishing the edge part with cut and sharpen and finished with the top coat, and the interior is luxuriously tailored only with leather without lining. You

    The brand logo is baked with high-precision laser radiation that can express even small letters that are difficult to achieve by ordinary engraving, and is characterized by having a slightly burnt, dark brown color.

    Please note that there are individual differences in how to shave because it is characterized by uneven shavings on the surface. In addition, it is not possible to avoid color fading and fading due to water wetting (rain, sweat, etc.) or sunburn, so be careful when using it in summer, in rainy weather, or in light-colored clothes.

    • W20/H130
    • 30g
    • Leather lanyard with button closure
    • 3 gold colored key rings


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