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Futur T-Shirts CORE LOGO TEE
Futur T-Shirts CORE LOGO TEE
Futur T-Shirts CORE LOGO TEE
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When the brand originally launched, it deliberately created almost zero online presence for itself, making Futur something that had to be discovered and specifically sought out, a distinctly old-school way of going about things. On the same note, Futur’s stylistic identity reacted to the modern status quo to put a twist on old-school ideals.

With the punk/DIY aesthetic having been systematically strip-mined over the past couple of decades, Futur abandoned these stylistic clichés, opting to apply a high-end, premium quality ethos, and the laid-back sophistication of European graphic design to skate apparel.

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  • Core tee 285g
  • 100% cotton
  • White front print
  • Made in Portugal


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