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Malbon Golf Bottoms BON SWEATSHORT
Malbon Golf Bottoms BON SWEATSHORT
Malbon Golf Bottoms BON SWEATSHORT
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What happens when the founder of a legendary underground magazine grows older, wiser, and picks up an old new hobby from his childhood? The answer is, of course, Malbon Golf. Created by Stephen Malbon, who founded Frank151 in Atlanta in the 1990s, and his wife Erica, the Los Angeles brand is the collision of streetwear and the fairway.

The brand's mission is to introduce young people to the sport and give cool, seasoned golfers something more fashionable than your typical, stale, boxy golfing apparel. With folks like Schoolboy Q as fans of the brand, it seems like Malbon Golf's got a winning formula, something like Titleist for people cool, intelligent, and beautiful enough to find themselves shopping at a place like Bodega.

Golf shorts don't have to be pleated madras nightmares. They can also be cozy. 

  • Heather Grey Unisex Sweatshorts
  • Malbon Script Logo Embroidered on Left Thigh
  • Side and Back Pockets
  • White Drawstrings



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