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In the summer of 1994, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, founded X-girl with her friend, Daisy von Furth, who worked at XLARGE. Mike D, one of the members of Beastie Boys, and XLARGE partner, asked Kim if she was interested in starting her own line.

Kim and Daisy designed “real clothing” which was the collection of what they wanted to wear. X-girl is considered as a pioneer of “Girl’s Movement” in the fashion industry, involving art and music. The logo of X-girl was designed by Mike Mills. One of his friends, Michelle Rock Wood, was the model of the well-known “face” logo that symbolizes X-girl. Later, he started to design the t-shirts and the posters of X-girl. In 1994, X-girl opened a store in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. And in the same year, they held a first guerilla-style fashion show in Soho, New York, which was produced by Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze. Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Rock Wood joined the show as models.

X-girl continues to offer “Real Girl’s Clothing”- basic style that are inspired by rock, military, outdoor, sports, and many other street culture factors.

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