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We Are Timex

We are watchmakers, obsessed with innovative craftsmanship and thoughtful design. We have democratized timekeeping, proving a great watch doesn't have to be expensive, and there’s nothing quite like a Timex.

We have always ticked a little differently than most watch brands. In 1854, we took traditional European watchmaking and layered American industrial ingenuity on top to disrupt a 300 year-old industry. We turned clocks from expensive, fragile curiosities into reliable technology that any working family could afford. By 1901, our movements fit in your pocket and cost just one dollar, and by the 1960s, every third watch sold in America was a Timex.

We helped invent wristwatches, and we’re still reinventing them today. We passionately create our own designs; carefully source each material and build every Timex with our own hands.


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