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The thing about rats is, they’re everywhere and they’re nowhere. They’re everywhere in the sense that any concentration of humans collected anywhere on the planet coexist with our underworld rodent friends. They’re nowhere, in the sense that most people prefer not to see rats. Every so often, crossing paths with one might be unavoidable, but very few people go out actively seeking rats. It takes a specific kind of person to sympathize with and support something that a majority of the world has declared to be repugnant.

This is exactly the kind of mentality that informs Stray Rats. From the Miami based  brand’s earliest days, Stray Rats have never produced anything that the founders wouldn’t personally wear. Stray Rats draws inspirations from the things they love, and distills them down into the kind of pithy reference that only a genuine, lifelong affection for something could provide. You either get it or you don’t.

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