Collection: Needles

Needles is the creation of Keizo Shimizu, owner and director of Japanese fashion umbrella company - Nepenthes. Initially a fashion distribution firm started in 1988, Nepenthes expanded to retail operations in Aoyama (1989) and established US offices in Boston (1989) and New York (1996). He became discontent with what was not available in the market. This vision led to the establishment of Engineered Garments (designed by Daiki Suzuki), and Keizo’s own designs in Needles, South2 West8, and Sonic Labs.

Drawing from historical magazines, past experiences and travels; Needles is Shimizu’s personal viewpoint on what garments should be, resulting in a bohemian/west-coast centric inspired direction. Built through the strong network and accumulated operations of the parent company, Needles is produced with no compromises, fully representing the aesthetics of Keizo and the creative source of Nepenthes. The Rebuild by Needles project is an extension of Shimizu’s unique aesthetic and presents an innovative interpretation of repurposed vintage. Deconstructing mostly American military garments, the collection is assembled in Japan, reworking pre-owned garments into original new pieces, transforming the deadstock into the avant-garde.