aka Badman Attire, aka Rap Game Terry Wogan, aka Irie Attire, aka Crenshaw Cartwheels, aka THE London Lifestyle Brand, aka Egyptian Crack Cotton, aka Babylon Bully, aka Funk incarnated, aka The Dark Side of the Sun. Since GRINDLONDON’s formation in 2008, they have focused on developing an honest approach to menswear, aiming to mix original concepts with the brand’s own roots and culture. Drawing inspiration from many aspects of London’s various subcultures (past and present), GRINDLONDON aims to produce well-designed unique apparel that maintains the brand’s own style, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle. They currently operate through capsule releases, with each collection having a specific theme of choice which all items center around. Through a mix of nostalgia, UK cynicism, and an often US brashness, GRINDLONDON aims to continue producing high quality items in limited numbers that can be worn and enjoyed by like-minded people.

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