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Founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978, in Molvena, Italy, the now iconic denim brand, grew from a primarily European label in the 1980s to a worldwide sensation in the 1990s. Rosso, who began stitching his own jeans as a teenager, got his start working for the “Godfather of Denim,” Adriano Goldschmied, at a clothing manufacturer called Moltex before gradually buying up company shares and buying out Goldschmied in 1985.

In time, Rosso expanded Diesel's sphere of interest to new continents, opening flagship stores around the globe. While their product’s quality and comfort have never wavered, it was their revolutionary style of surrealist advertising, unique denim washes and development of the "distressed" look that helped them corner the market of “cool” and successfully take their denim to uncharted territories.

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