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What isn’t natural, is a large, unsightly disfigurement.  It could take the form of a careless beverage splash, a rainstorm not in the day’s forecast, or a pile of muck in the road, among other things.  The possibilities are endless.  These are the type of footwear calamities that Crep Protect aims to prevent.  Crep Protect spray creates a barrier against moisture and stains meant to keep your shoes looking dignified and not befouled as they age.  Whatever does get through should be mitigated enough to be disposed of by the Crep cleaning wipes. 

Crep Protect are London based, so they know a thing or two about the kind of inclement weather, urban grit, and pastoral dirt that can wreck havoc on defenseless suede, leather, and nylon.  Why not give them a try?

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