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If you can’t find it, make it. Starting as a passion project by couple and co-founders Brian Chor and Kalynn Nguyen, Afield Out is a Santa Ana outdoor apparel meets street wear brand dressing a new generation of outdoors heads - one that isn’t so easily defined by what they wear.
Taking inspiration from music and art as well as the great outdoors, the brand has always been motivated to make clothing they themselves want to wear. Not only does this give the vision a transparent, recognizably personal touch, the gear ends up being so well rounded in both design and construction that it maxes out the versatile scale – ready for the hike the subsequent hang and everything in between.
From creative prints with an obscure edge to exciting approaches to fabric dying, the brand that celebrates going off the beaten path is literally carving their own niche in the outdoors space and shows no signs of ending the expedition.

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