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Episode #21: Bosq Live Studio Mix


I caught Bosq on his way to some gigs in Europe and got to preview a grip of unreleased tracks from his new album which is caught up in limbo as his label just got scooped up by a bigger player. Let me tell you about my brother Bosq... He is responsible for the most New York experience of my life when he played Summer Stage for Fania Records 40th Anniversary and someone handed me a Puerto Rican flag. I’m dancing salsa, spilling beer, as blunt smoke fills the skyline wondering, “How did this blue-eyed kid from Cape Cod end up here with Bobbito opening up for HIM?” Bosq transcends borders by crossing afro-latin traditions with funk, house, disco & hip hop - he makes dance music for people with passports. This session takes us to the work he’s created in his new home studio in Medellin, Columbia. EXCLUSIVE!

- Oliver Mak (Bodega co-founder)

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