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Episode #2: Jasmine Solano Interview Live From Complexcon 2017

Our crew met Jasmine Solano back at Emerson College before she became the globe trotting dj /media icon she is now.   

From creating and touring worldwide as half of the DJ music duo Electric Punanny with MeLo-X, to hosting her own MTV series "Scratch the Surface", Jasmine Solano has solidified her career as an international music influencer across multiple media platforms.

In 2017, Jasmine launched non-profit photography series, Unity In Color - which stands for solidarity in Women's Rights - and has since spread to over major cities globally

During our programming on Saturday, CLLCTV.US' Malcolm J. Gray took some time to sit down with Jasmine Solano to discuss her takes on streetwear culture, her upcoming projects, and her time shopping at Bodega while living in Boston.


Jasmine Solano Links
Instagram: @xojsmn
Twitter: @xo_JSMN
Soundcloud: @xojsmn