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Episode #15: Towfu Live at Bodega LA

YUNG TOWFU, also known as Towfu, is a DJ and Artist from Boston, MA. Known for his unique sound and aesthetics, Towfu is truly a craftsman when it comes to pursuing his own vision in the music industry. Traveling and playing different shows across the country and globe has had a huge influence on his lifestyle and culture. Growing up around so many different musical influencers, his style of djing is super diverse. You can catch him playing some of your favorite parties in different cities with major collectives, or back in Boston throwing his own. Wherever he is, just expect to hear an all around sound. Towfu’s mix series called “All You Can Eat” also drops every few months which includes upcoming artist that are just about to break through. His concept of collaborative productions with specific characteristics make his work stand out. Towfu’s captivating sets and unique style differentiate him from your ordinary DJ.

Outside of Djing, Towfu finds inspiration while traveling and eating around the world. Just like the saying goes, “it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it….” That’s the motto that ties into his craft. For him, it’s how you do things that make people remember the experience you provide. 

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