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Episode #13: Mia Carucci & Huneycut Live at the Bodega LA Launch


Mia Carucci is a seasoned DJ currently based in Los Angeles, California. Her deep rooted passion for music began at a young age amidst a variety of cultural influences in her childhood home. Always enveloped by the mixes she heard on the radio, at parties and events, she decided to pursue her own craft. With growing popularity on SoundCloud and a large Instagram presence she is an exciting figure in DJing.

If you’ve been out to parties in the LA underground - you’ll know that Huneycut is one of the upcoming DJs in the scene rocking spots like Soho House, Rooftop at the Standard, and Weho. Her mixing style blends original production with Hip Hop, Indie, House & Soul. 

Enjoy this exclusive live mix from our Bodega LA launch party.

Mia Carucci Links:
Instagram: @miacarucci

Huneycut Links
Instagram: @huneycut