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Episode #27: DJ Sober Exclusive Mix


Babymaking music has never sounded so smooth & rugged. We're excited to drop this exclusive mix by DJ Sober for the next episode of Bodega Pirate Radio. Get to know the Dallas based producer & globetrotting DJ in our exclusive mix & interview below. 

I first heard about you from your Satin Sheets series - How many editions have you done?  What was the inspiration for making the first mix? 
It’s super cool you learned about me through my Satin Sheets mix series. I started it in about 2008 and have created 6 volumes as well as a live mix from one of my Satin Sheets parties. I’ve always incorporated R&B into my sets, so the series was a natural thing for me.  

Has anyone gotten pregnant as a result of your mixtape? 
I’ve heard jokes about my mixes leading to pregnancy, and honestly, I believe at least one person has gotten pregnant. But, I can’t take the blame. I had some branded condoms made and handed them out with my mix at one of the parties, so it’s not on me, haha! 

You started deejaying during your teens in Dallas, Texas - What got you started?    
I used to listen to various mix shows on the radio as a teen - Edge Club (RIP) which was a late night show that focused on house, techno and various types of dance music, on Saturday nights, as well as DJ Baby G's shows on 100.3 JAMZ (RIP). I was obsessed, staying up late and recording these mixes to cassette and later searching for the titles and trying to soak up as much knowledge on the culture as I could. The first time I saw a DJ live in the flesh was at a house party when I was 16. I watched in a daze the whole night and knew that I had to get my hands on a pair of turntables. I saved up my money, bought a used set of 1200s, a janky Pyramid mixer and locked myself in my room, honing my craft, for the next few years.  

What should people know about your city?
Dallas / Ft. Worth has a lot of history and is rich in music culture and creative individuals. We’ve got all the talent in the world and the metroplex has been a great incubator and springboard for projects and artists such as the indie label Dolphin Records; experimental artists Jon Bap and Sudie; producers Zach Witness and S1; rappers Sam Lao, Devy Stones, David Morgan, 88 Killa and The Outfit, TX; drummer JD Beck; DJs Christy Ray and WYBMF; bands Luna Luna, Sealion and Fogg; and of course Leon Bridges... the list goes on. We also have some amazing photographers and visual artists like - photographers Denzel Golatt, Rambo, Molly Dickson, and Matt Hawthorne;  illustrator Joonbug; graphic designer Samantha Wendell; and painter Jeremy Biggers. There’s a lot going on when you dig below the surface, just like in most major cities. If anyone reading this wants to pay us a visit, holler and I'll point you in the right direction.

Are there any spots you hit up when you’re not working? 
I’m always working! But when I’m not, I frequent The Belmont Hotel, a super cool spot with a pool and the best view of downtown. I've thrown a few pool parties there, including a Satin Sheets party and Leon Bridges’ B-Day Bash. Some go-to spots for food are - La Calle Doce (Mexican / seafood), El Trompo (tacos), Keller's (burgers), All Good Cafe (American), Juiceland (the best juices ever in life), Tribal (raw / plant-based) and Uchi (sushi).

Aside from DJing, you’re also been producing music. Tell us about your latest.  
My friend Sudie and I recently started a new project together - Tommy & Linda. It's an electronic duo focusing on more of a house / new disco type of vibe. This is in every sense a collaborative effort. We go in to each track with an idea of the tempo and maybe a melody but as a creative that can all change last min. We've had a lot of fun working on our forthcoming EP thus far. We will be dropping our second single in early October and plan on releasing the full project at the top of 2019. 

You’ve played with diverse acts, including the Flaming Lips & Cut Copy, and have done some touring, too. What was the best tour so far? Where do you still want music to take you?  
One of my favorite shows I opened was years back for Justice on Halloween. I was the only opener and I did a house / electro set for a sold out venue that was ready to rage the second I walked out on stage. Touring with Black Milk was an honor and my first experience hitting the road like that. Black Milk is such a hard worker and one of the best live performers, so I learned a lot and was challenged to always be on top of my game each night. I'd love to travel more and continue to work on my own music. I started a new label - Dial Up Records - with my buddy Tim Muñoz, and I'm super excited about releasing other people's music to the world, while having a hand in the branding, design, visual side of things. I can't see my future not involving music. At the end of the day, it's my passion and I'm fortunate to be able to do something I love for a living.

For More info , check DJ Sober's site & follow him on IG.


1. Project Pablo - Fine Match
2. Manuel Darquart - I'm Not Over You
3. Amethyst - Midnight Rendezvous (Psychemagik Edit)
4. Joakim - Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix)
5. Eddie C - Dub Me Gwen
6. Fatnotronic Feat. In Flagranti - Botoque
7. Deep 88 & Melchior Sultana - Yo House
8. Luvless - Luvmaschine
9. Jex Opolis - Human Emotion (Tv Dub)
10. Hercules And Love Affair - Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
11. Dubtribe Sound System - Do It Now
12. Tommy & Linda - Beach Bums