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Sasquatchfabrix’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is titled ‘Kamisabiru.’ It’s one of those words that defy a literal translation into English. The closest, one-to-one translation would be ‘majestic,’ but the overall concept is closer to appearing majestic, or having “an air of sublimity.” The concept of Kamisabiru dovetails somewhat with a Western fashion axiom, attributed to Coco Chanel, “elegance is refusal.” In other words, it’s about transcending the average and the ordinary with deliberate, carefully considered choices and actions.
While individual interpretations of elegance and majestic will always vary, in both cases, the elevated state of appearance is something to be actively attained rather than passively bestowed.
The Kabisabiru collection adds influences from strongly defined aesthetics, such as military uniforms and classic, collegiate Americana to their innovative mix of traditional Japanese garb, modern streetwear, and bold tailoring sensibility. The results are progressive and individualistic style that also feels timeless.  Cutting-edge that won’t be discarded or obsolete in a year, a true refusal of the conventional wisdom of seasonal trends and colors of the year.