Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium Limited Edition

Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium Limited Edition

Polo has maintained a consistent hold on the imaginations of fans, from dedicated loyalists to the most casual audiences, for decades. Its legacy is nothing less than the definitive word on classic, American style. The brand inspires a level of devotion that transcends the realm of the purely physical. Despite the fact that classic Americana is a readily available aesthetic, from any number of sources, legions of style connoisseurs continually seek out Polo specifically, because Polo represents more than just a name.

The original Polo Stadium Collection was a landmark moment in contemporary fashion that reshaped the way that this aspirational version of the American Dream was perceived and presented. The groundbreaking presentation of sportswear boldness infused with Polo’s inspirations quickly became the gold standard for 1990s casual wear.

A red and black based palette, with hints of white and silver is applied in a bold, 1990s color blocking style, for maximum visual impact against a stark winter landscape. Prominent placement gives the old-school influences of graphics like the P-Wing, racing bib and US flag shield a distinctly modern feel that naturally meshes with the overtly technical elements.

In many ways, winter is the perfect season in which to fully explore this aspect of Polo’s aspirational spirit. Cold is cold, wet is wet, biting wind is biting wind, whether you’re waiting for a ski lift or a crosswalk light. The Ralph Lauren Polo Winter Stadium Collection is elegance in the face of these adverse conditions, no matter where you find yourself. The American Dream, at work again.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium Limited Edition collection will be available online December 6 at 11am EST and available in-store through raffle only.