The holiday season can be overwhelming.


In addition to a spike in emotions, the stress of traveling and dealing with difficult family members can already be too much to bear. Why add choosing holiday gifts to that list of worries? Let Bodega’s Holiday Gift Guide provide you with a well-researched cheatsheet to the greatest gifts for every style, season, size and occasion.


One of the most powerful things about streetwear is its universality and ability to break down barriers. Streetwear is all about style and attitude, not age, gender or social status. That being said, there is the tricky matter of sizing. And while anyone can wear it, men’s sizing tends to run bigger.


It's like we said to our left. Streetwear's appeal is universal. But due to modern sizing conventions, this category may be a better fit you.

Is it just us, or do we seem to be spending much more time at home in the past few years? Here you'll find high-quality home goods to deck the halls and hang on walls, things to soften the floor and so much more.


Sure, Bodega is known for curating some of the finest brands in all of the land, but some of the best gear is our own. Style and quality collide in our own Private Label. The newly unveiled Autumn/Winter '21 Collection is available now.


Often the most overlooked when it comes to gifts and personal indulgence, candles, fragrances, lotions and paraphernalia can heal your mind, body and soul. Plus, it's probably a lot kinder than something from the "Self Help" section of the bookstore.


Whether you're on the trail or on the court, on the land or in the sea, Bodega has footwear, apparel & accessories for every glorious season spent in the great outdoors.

Has your “get up and go,” “got up and went?” Get back in the game and hit the road with these well-designed accessories made to ease the journey ahead.

I mean, isn't a stocking really just a gigantic sock? In that case, maybe what you're looking for is a really, really big shoe? Or maybe several pairs of smaller socks. We don't want to make any misguided guesses at the size of your personal stocking back home, so here is a list of suggestions of things to fill it with. Just keep stuffing until it's full.


They say you can’t get much for $100 these days. But then again they say a lot of things that aren’t necessarily true. Some of our greatest gifts are as easy on the eyes as they are on the pocket. See for yourself.


Not sure whether to go high or low? Somewhere in the middle is always a great compromise.


If you got it, why not spend it? And if you’re gonna spend it, why don’t you spend it on someone you love. If it’s the thought that counts, a $500 thought should count for a lot.

Not sure what to get the one you love? Afraid the slightest false move might prove you don’t know them as well as you should? You can’t go wrong with a Bodega Gift Card.