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Editorial: LQQK Studio


LQQK Studio is an influential design collective based in Brooklyn.  Thanks to several years’ worth of lazy, hack level, bottom of the comedy barrel scraping (craft beer! facial hair!), Brooklyn has been tagged with a reputation for hipsterism, which despite lacking any coherent definition, is something that nearly everyone can agree is a very bad thing indeed.  Of course, another way of looking at it would be that Brooklyn is fertile territory for trying things.
This sense of creative ingenuity that informs their geographical surroundings has informed LQQK Studio from the brand’s inception, as a shared space for like-minded artists became a commercial print shop, which, thanks to its highly regarded work with fashion luminaries including Theory, Patrik Ervell, and Baron Von Fancy, expanded into a fashion imprint of their own. 
LQQK Studio works under the motto “managing expectations.”  This seems like an unlikely rallying cry, especially in the often hyperbolic world of streetwear, but the apparently bet hedging nature of the phrase is an insight into LQQK’s creative philosophy, which defies easy categorization.  Founder Alex Dondero has been especially insistent in interviews that LQQK not be pigeonholed as graphic tee printers.
For people on the outside, waiting for the next LQQK Studio project, just know that LQQK themselves are never quite sure exactly where inspiration will take them next.  The uninitiated should pay close attention to each LQQK collection, because it won’t be the same the next time.  How’s that for managing expectations? 


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