Bodega Spring/Summer '18 - Delivery 1

You’ve probably heard all the jokes; if you’re old enough, you’ve lived through all the jokes.  Everything in the 90s had to be “radical” or “extreme,” or most importantly, have “90s attitude.”

You know something though?  Nobody could definitively say what any of things meant.  When alternative music and hip-hop culture broke through to the mainstream, everything changed.  The mainstream gatekeepers had spent the previous decade doing their best to pretend these particular forms of culture didn’t actually exist.

When the entire pop culture machine had to catch up to fully formed aesthetics and mores that it didn’t fully understand, the resulting landscape was a delightful free for all. 

Oversized, bold, and colorful expressions of new decade optimism? Welcome aboard. Detached, desensitized, jaded, anti-social cynicism? That works too.  When you’re just trying to figure out what works, anything goes.  It what’s makes the 90s resonate so strongly all these years later.  Even in 2018, the 90s still mean freedom.

Bodega Spring/Summer 2018 Delivery 1 releases Tuesday, March 20th - in-store at both Bodega locations and online at







Talent: Annahstasia Enuke + Isaiah Fofana