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Bodega Fall Delivery #1

You’ve really done it this time; you’ve gone shopping and come home without a bunch of stuff that you needed.  The only thing that’s open now that has all the stuff you forgot in one place?  That’s right, the neighborhood Bodega. 

Of course, once you’re through that door and ready to buy, you are easy pickings for the impulse purchase.  Let your eyes wander the shelves and be taken in by all the pretty colors.  That packaging, the way the text pops from its bold but cheery background, it’s all been designed using the latest in retail psychology; you can’t help but pick that up.  It’s not what you came here for, but why not drop it in your shopping basket?

You’ve completed your list, and then some, but you aren’t done yet.  They’ve got roses here too. Wouldn’t they just look great in your place?  They might even get you off the hook for forgetting so much stuff to begin with.  They have chocolates too?  That satin ribbon should really seal the deal.  This place has really thought of everything. 


Photography: Ricky Orng
Talent: Reefyeus
Words: Dan Alvarez