Editorial: Deluxe + Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

Editorial: Deluxe + Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

Back in the days when traveling the world was something best done on an immense ocean liner, and the most important part of a person’s traveling baggage was a sturdy steamer trunk, an expansive traveling wardrobe made sense. 

Modern travel is a different animal altogether; it’s a bit more compressed, in the literal and figurative sense. When you’re jammed tight into seat B14, it’s not just the loss of a sense of adventure and pageantry that you’re thinking about though. Checked luggage fees: that’s the real killer.

That’s why brands like Japan’s Delxue and Bedwin & the Heartbreakers deal in versatile, essential basics for the modern globetrotter. Carry one bag, and stay decked out for pretty much any occasion short of a black-tie dress code.

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