WMNS Nike Sportswear Editorial

: If you’re interested in fashion, take a quick glance at the business pages. Traditional athletic brands outsold ‘fast fashion’ last year, with the ‘athleisure’ movement leading the charge.

What does this mean in non-buzzword language? Easy, the athletic gear that people have been buying, not always for purely athletic purposes, for decades has gotten, emphatically more stylish, and as more and more people gravitate towards this kind of apparel for fashion, the more apparel is designed with fashion in mind. The end results are ultra modern and fashion forward, but thanks to the timelessness of athletic style, retain a kind of permanent usefulness that a one season fashion trend just can’t match.

The Nike Mixed Material collection goes for an ambitious overhaul of some fairly basic sportswear pieces. Staples like the t-shirt, hoodie, and track jacket are re-interpreted with modern performance materials and bold, fashionable cuts. This is how the sleeveless hoodie gets from 1980s training montage to cutting edge style.



Photography - Ricky Orng

Model - Heven Bekele

Words - Dan Alvarez