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Bodega 'Love Less' Drop

Bodega Presents: DOOMED ROMANCE. From the creators of ZIP GORDON: DEADSTOCK HUNTER, RELEASE LINE-UP RUMBLES, and TWISTED T-SHIRT TALES comes a story of young hearts, modern style, and the tragic lovers who tried to have both. 

I’ve finally found the man for me.  He dresses like a dreamboat.  Don’t be silly; of course his pants fit him, and that coaches’ jacket is so stylish and clean cut, not like those crude graphic tees the other boys wear.  They’re enough to make a girl blush, honestly. 

Oh! Never trust a stylish man.  He spent our entire anniversary with his nose buried in his phone.  “Waiting for some heat to drop,” he said.  Well, at least he was using his phone for something other than Snapchatting thots all night.  As if I’m supposed to believe that you have thirty DMs because you tweeted about r + l = j.  How stupid do you think I am?

Face it darling, you’ve fallen in love with a fuc-
No! I can’t bear to hear you say it out loud!

How could I cry over something so pointless?  His clothes are fire because his heart is ice.  He’ll die alone with his shoes and his selvedge denim.  These are all the tears he’s getting. 

The Bodega Love Less Jackets will retail for $120, releasing Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 10am EST online at and 11am in-store at Bodega.

Photos: Pat Peltier + Tommy Boudreau
Words: Dan Alvarez

Andrew White

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