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adidas Shoes XZ 0006 INSIDE OUT
adidas Shoes XZ 0006 INSIDE OUT
adidas Shoes XZ 0006 INSIDE OUT
adidas Shoes XZ 0006 INSIDE OUT


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Back in 2008, adidas debuted the original A-ZX series. The project pushed the boundaries of what the evolving field of special release product could achieve, with a comprehensive trip through the legendary range of ZX running shoes that paired a collaborative partner with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. (Incidentally, the ‘B’ in the original A-ZX was represented by a fondly remembered Bodega ZX 8000.)

A-ZX makes a triumphant return, with another deep dive into the ZX archive. This time around, instead of collaborative partners, each letter of the alphabet represents a different, conceptual tribute to the high tech running footwear that represented the era’s pinnacle of athletic performance.

'X' is for X-Ray. A project the scope of A-ZX requires an inside and out knowledge of the legendary range. The X-Ray is a literal expression of the inside and out concept. With the inner and outer construction flipped, and the presence of translucent overlays, the design gives the unique impression of being able to view the inner workings of the ZX classics. 

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