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Episode #37: Exclusive Playlist by Kostas Seremetis



With a signature style juxtaposing comics, cartoons, graffiti and Greek mythology, Kostas Seremetis’s unique designs, creative approach and blend of influences have made him a highly esteemed figure in several spheres of the visual arts. A painter, sculptor, filmmaker and clothing designer, Seremetis began his career in Boston before making literal and figurative moves to, and in, NYC.


Seremetis’s art has been shown throughout the world, once even sharing a show alongside Murakami and Basquiat in Tokyo. Stussy and Neighborhood brands have each utilized his designs while The Cult, Dead & Co and A$AP Rocky have each used his art in their endeavors. That diversity alone speaks to the universal appeal of his canon of work. We first became personally acquainted with Seremetis in 2012 when Bodega’s Fourth Wall Project curated his solo art show in Boston. Today his art continues to inspire us daily as his iconic Star sculpture hangs as a focal point in our LA store.


In a mix that seems very in-line with his art, Seremetis places seemingly disparate songs side-by-side, provoking a rollercoaster of emotions and a jarring, genre-jumping mix of hip-hop gems, 90s grunge, art alternative and neo soul. The Beatles are followed by R.A.T.M. while a Rammellzee track is followed by Leonard Cohen dance remix and a somewhat culturally insensitive song by Alvin and the Chipmunks. Add in some poetry by Jim Morrison and a skit from Blade Runner and you get the picture… or maybe you don’t. It doesn’t matter.



Thanks for letting us into your mind and sharing a view into what it sounds like when you’re translating a blank space into the artwork locked in your mind.
Every so often I open the windows. It helps.


For starters, how did you get a foothold within painting? What is your origin story that led you to a place where you felt comfortable with the title of “Artist?”
In my formative years, and today, I follow my curiosities and interests. Painting has always announced a profound effect, yes. It was also a gateway to other mediums to express. Door opener, and a great teacher. That feeling was/is always present.


Music has played a strong role in your output. You’ve designed artwork for The Cult, John Mayer, Dead and Company, Mo'Wax and directed videos for The Cult and A$AP ROCKY. Do you always listen to music when making art?
Currently I like to listen to whatever is happening outside of myself. Cars driving by, people on the street. Each city has a rhythm for sure. I rarely play music for real. The game is different now. Maybe this mix will help. Let's find out.


Is this mix a good representation of what it sounds like in your studio?
I approached this Mix as I would a painting. It has a beginning, a middle and an ending. [It] tells a narrative composed of frequency that brings me harmony/elevation. Had I made this Mix yesterday, it would be as different as it would be tomorrow. Enjoy!


Based on what you sent over - can I make you a mix in return?
Yes, absolutely.


Fashion also forms part of your body of work. Your artwork was featured in multiple Stussy collections, Neighborhood, Marvel, as well as the Acronym x Nike collaboration. These types of opportunities are the goal for many designers & creatives. How did these projects come about?
These gigs are impossible to predict and/or apply for. When explaining them, it sounds like I am making it up. I have been very fortunate to be in conversation with everyone. Party included. Thank you .


Do you have a different creative process for commercial fashion projects than you do for your art?
It is a mystery to best express how it happens. I just like being in the room when it does .


Do you have any advice to anyone in the early stages of a creative life/journey?
Bless this mess.


What are you working on now?
Going to proofread this email and then press “send” and then...


What fashion projects do you still want to work on?
[I’m] always open to situations/happenings that are in alignment with my curiosity and vision.


Any last thoughts about the process of making & discovering?
Small changes are radical. And may the force be with you.