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Wacko Maria | Editorial

Do you remember the days before Netflix? Like...really remember.

The days when coming home from school or work meant maybe having a nice dinner around the table with family or pulling out the most recent, local newspaper to read. There was something special about propping your feet up and unwinding, entirely disconnected to the day that had just passed. But in the day of ever-advancing and connecting technologies, it seems those days are simply not attainable anymore. With so much access at our fingertips, what’s the point of grabbing the local newspaper on your way home, when you can find all the articles and more in the News app on your phone?

Simply’s just not the same. With vast options for everything from cereal brands to social platforms, one can’t help but wonder why we constantly hear folks longing for the “good old days”, when there is seemingly endless progression towards a “better” future. Yet, those who know, know there was truly nothing like the sensation of waiting to pick up that anticipated tape from the record store on the day of its release, much different from waiting until midnight for a midnight album release on Spotify. And there was something much different about grabbing your favorite book and caressing the pages with your bare hands versus through an LED Kindle screen.

Now-a-days, with everything up in the digital Cloud, tangibility seems far from our reality. But, with the newest collection from Wacko Maria, this concept is brought the slightest bit closer to home. With music at the base of their foundation and drawing inspiration from their everyday experiences, the brand seeks to exemplify the days where life seemed simpler. While the vintage-styled military and workwear boast faded hues and practical pocket detailing, a collection of nostalgic, Bob Marley-inspired pieces pay homage to the man who brought everyone together through One Love. The collection also includes a handful of clean, everyday tees and hoodies and contrastingly vibrant, animal print jackets, providing variety and options for everyone. Impeccable detailing on pieces like the Quilted Jackets then finish off the collection and feature a craftsmanship that can only be appreciated by touch and a close-eye, instilling the same message that less sometimes really is more.