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"A city sidewalk by itself is nothing, It is an abstraction. It means something only in conjunction with the buildings and other uses that border it, or border other sidewalks very near it. The same might be said of streets, in the sense that they serve other purposes besides carrying wheeled traffic in their middles. Streets and their sidewalks, the main public places of a city, are its most vital organs." 

- The Death and Life Of Great American Cities

RESIDENTIAL USE is a multimedia project carried out by our Bodega Research Team with the goal of exploring and capturing our inspirations found within neighborhoods everywhere. 

James P. Timility Middle School Students, Roxbury Crossing

Yum Mee Chinese Food, Tremont Street, South End

Warren Street Thrift Shop, Roxbury

Dudley Square Station, Roxbury

The Syrian Grocery, South End

Warren Street, Roxbury

In front of Beauty Supply Super Market on corner of Mass Ave and Washington Street

"Bust a move!", Washington Street

A bodega on Warren Street, Roxbury

A nail salon in Egleston Square

South End

Washington Street, Jamaica Plain