Neighborhood A/W '18 | Editorial

  特攻服 Tokkō-fuku, literally “special attack clothing.” It’s the term used for the kanji slogan adorned, aggressively utilitarian clothing worn by the Bōsōzoku biker gangs of Japan. Beyond an interest in motorcycles, this isn’t exactly NEIGHBORHOOD’s bag, but there is one principle that carries over. Extraordinary deeds call for extraordinary spirit.

When Shinsuke Takizawa started NEIGHBORHOOD in 1994, he was a young, motorcycle-enthusiast, looking to bring suitably functional and fashionable apparel to motorcycle culture, with no telling the potential that the brand could bring to street culture. Although the unknowns in starting a brand are vast, Takizawa knew for certain that he wanted to do one thing: to create “basic clothing by digesting unique interpretations of elements from motorcycles, military, outdoor, trad, etc. and also suggesting this lifestyle.” This narrative has since then become the base for all products and projects which NEIGHBORHOOD is involved with, as the brand continues to churn out impeccably crafted and, quite frankly, bad-ass pieces, season after season. With their mix of technical expertise, luxury construction standards and classic utilitarian and subculture aesthetics, there’s no denying that NEIGHBORHOOD has become one of the most desired and respected Tokyo-based labels in streetwear.

This season is no different, with NEIGHBORHOOD’s newest collections boasting various and diverse vibes, from Rough Rider styles to workwear classics, with an option for everyone.