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Now that the calendar has flipped over to May, and the threat of unplanned winter blasts recedes into the rearview mirror, all that warm weather, sun soaked frolicking that everyone has been looking forward to can begin in earnest. 

For a lot of people, the first impulse that gets triggered by the climbing temperatures is “beach.” Now, the beach may be the classic summer rest and relaxation spot for a reason, but unless you have access to the open spaces and clear waters of postcard scenery, it can actually be a bit overrated. There are definitely better ways to relax than fighting traffic, shelling out for parking, having to reenact the Oklahoma land rush of 1899, just to get a spot for your blanket, and trying not to get sand in everything you eat and drink. 

Why not try summer in the city? Despite the image of the urban summer as a short tempered, simmering cauldron, not every experience is a crowded, rush hour train. Slowing down and taking in the neighborhood at a strolling place can be liberating. Do some shopping, grab a drink, find a hole in the wall ice cream shop, most importantly, wander aimlessly. Something about going at your own pace at the same time other people are bound by scheduling frees the senses; you can discover something new, even on a street you’ve been down hundreds of times.